Exos Fracture Brace Care

The purpose of your EXOS FRACTURE BRACE is to immobilize and maintain alignment of the broken bone as well as add support to the involved limb.

General Instructions

  1. Exos Braces are hard but will not withstand rough treatment, such as banging against hard surfaces or using it as a weapon.
  2. Exos Braces are waterproof and may be worn in showers while swimming. Brace hygiene is very important as well as keeping the inside of the brace dry after water usage.
  3. Wash with an antimicrobial soap, rinse and dry your brace. It is very important to keep the inside of your brace dry. Loosen the BOA reel system and use a hair dryer on low setting for about 3-4 mins to completely dry the inside of the brace. DO NOT put your brace in a dryer for drying or leave it in a car as the heat may deform the brace.
  4. If you itch under your brace, DO NOT push objects under the brace to scratch. This may cause skin damage and infection.
  5. Swelling inside the Exos Brace may occur, so keep the injured limb elevated above the level of the heart when this occurs. You may loosen your brace to compensate for swelling. Throbbing pain can usually be alleviated by prompt elevation and application of ice to the fracture site.

Danger Signs

If you experience any of the following signs and symptoms, call your physician or go to the Emergency Room immediately.

  1. Numbness, tingling, or burning sensations. (Try loosening the brace a little)
  2. Extremely cool fingers.
  3. Abnormal color of fingers (pale, purple etc.).
  4. Excessive pain or swelling of the fingers not relieved by elevation, ice application and/or use of your normal dose of pain medication.
  5. Inability to move or extreme pain with finger movements.
  6. Temperature above 101° Fahrenheit.
  7. Any allergic reaction to the brace material.