There are many reasons you should choose Western Orthopedics and Sports Medicine:

  • Clinical Expertise. Our staff board certified physicians, licensed physician assistants, and skilled therapists provide you the best in Western Colorado orthopedic care. In addition to the standard training that includes internships and residency, several of our physicians are Fellowship trained.
  • Convenience. At Western Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, you get a physician clinic, on-site radiology department that delivers crisp images to help better diagnose your problem, physical therapy, and DME (durable medical equipment) services in one central location.
  • Communication. We talk to you. We talk to your referring physician. We keep everyone in the loop regarding your condition, treatment, progress, and prognosis.
  • Customer Service. We’re always here for you. Our trained clinical staff and our compassionate and competent support staff are motivated and dedicated to ensuring you the best possible experience every time you contact us in person, by phone, or in writing.
  • In-House MRI. We provide affordable MRI imaging on-site which is significantly less expensive than a hospital. With our 1.5 Tesla magnet, we can provide clean, crisp images to help better diagnose your problem. Our imaging services make the process far more efficient and convenient for you.
  • General orthopedics. We assess and provide treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and problems.
  • Surgery. We offer arthroscopic, reconstructive, and general orthopedic surgery to repair damage to bones, joints, ligament and nerves.
  • Sports Medicine. We treat and help prevent injuries caused by participation in sports and other athletic activities.